I propose (paid) scientific consulting services to companies willing to make the most of their data and open-source speech processing toolkits (and pyannote in particular).

I have helped companies

  • optimize pretrained speaker diarization pipelines for Japanase call center recordings
  • improve the accuracy of a streaming speaker diarization app
  • speed up (10x) speaker diarization web APIs without compromising performance
  • stay up to date with the latest speech processing technologies



We start by a free 30min intro chat to get know each other and both decide whether we want to work together.

Once a mutual agreement is reached, we collaborate either synchronously (if time difference is reasonable) or asynchronously.

  • Asynchronously: we exchange via email (prefered) or messaging
  • Synchronously: we meet in Zoom or Teams and I do my best to offer possible solutions to your problems (this might also need some asynchronous research on my side)

I charge by the hour (EUR200) and send invoices on a monthly basis.

Drop me an email at if interested (my parents went with “herve”)