PyAFE stands for Python Audio Fingerprinting Evaluation.

It is a Python toolkit that I developed for the Evaluation work-package of the Quaero project. It is designed as a modular piece of software, in ordre to be easilly extended in the future:

  • two modules provides the necessary functions to parse groundtruth and detection XML files.
  • the core module includes the actual implementation of audio fingerprinting score metrics. Computation of the number of correct detections, misses and false alarms is obviously also available.

It is freely available as open-source software, part of a larger framework dealing with audio fingerprinting described in the (just published) article:

A Public Audio Identification Evaluation Framework for Broadcast Monitoring
Mathieu Ramona, Sébastien Fenet, Raphaël Blouet, Hervé Bredin, Thomas Fillon, Geoffroy Peeters

PyAFE can be downloaded from the official website at